Monday's Matches lust-have item

By now, you probably think that I am a bit (!) shopping-obsessed, and I'd say you're right, mostly. There is however one type of shopping that I really don't enjoy, and that is last-minute shopping for the perfect party dress. It's such a hassle trying to fit frantic browsing, trying on and sometimes alterations in the days leading to a fabulous soirée between grooming appointments and work, that I really think it's important to buy party outfits as you go along, and never to leave it to the last minute. Especially now that I have a little munchkin eating up most of the free time in my schedule! I once did the eleventh hour scramble just before a Venice-themed evening, finding a Monique Lhuillier gown which then had to be pinned up for alterations during an excrutiating 1.5hour pinning session, never again...

So typically when I see a wonderful party dress I buy it right there and then! For this holiday season, I've been thinking about sequins, black, and a 1970s vibe... I saw loads, usually above the £600 mark, too much for a sequin dress if you ask me, considering that, unless you're a showgirl, you'll wear a sequin dress maybe five times in your entire life, so why invest so much money? The reason why sequin dresses are so expensive is that a good sparkly frock takes very good quality (who wants a bald patch at the end of a dinner party, on their bottom?)

Nevertheless, I still couldn't justify paying that type of price, until I found this beauty by the wonderful people at Theory. Short but not too short (I am no Elle McPherson, how I wish my legs could deal with too short...), check! V-neck, check! Zipper to make the V-neck more or less daring, check! Gorgeous sequins, check! And, the cherry on top: it's 50% down at Matches, and still avaiable in most sizes. I totally love it...

Find this beauty here: Theory Dress at Matches

All it needs to finish it up is some cool but simple sandals, such as the black satin ones on my black Christmas list. Don't overdo the sparkly look by adding more glitter on the feet!

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