My Denim Clinic with Donna Ida

Frankly speaking, this past week has been a bit catastrophic in terms of financial markets performance (actually I'm not sure catastrophic even begins to describe the mess that our friend Mr Papandreou has brought upon us with his indecisions, but let's move on), so I really needed something to pick me up come the week-end. And what better way to feel great again than to go for a bit of retail therapy?

I booked in with the Queen Denim Fairy herself, Donna Ida, for a Denim Clinic appointment... What's that might you ask? It's a service which is quite unique in London, where Donna and her team are on hand to help you pick the best jeans for you. It's the perfect solution for all the girls who believe they can't wear jeans or who stopped wearing jeans when the discomfort of the old-school no stretch jeans just got too much, but not only that: take me for example, I've been wearing the new generation jeans for a few years, but felt that I was in a bit of a rut, what with wearing my beloved Goldsign Misfits every week-end with flats, and needed a bit of a shake to my jeans routine. 

When I arrived, Donna and I discussed what I liked and she picked a few styles for me to try, such as the James Jeans Twiggy, the super popular J Brand 801 in Leather, and a new colour of the J Brand Velvet skinnies that I love so much. I wanted to see if I could pick some more dressed up jeans than usual. 

I first tried the Twiggy in 28, after which we posed on the little podium with the three mirrors which enabled me to look at all the angles (I need a set-up like this for my dressing room at home!), and Donna's sentence was irrevocable "Try a smaller size, and do the shimmy!".... so back in the fitting room I went and success, 27 it was! Here's a lesson I learned: you gotta do the shimmy otherwise you risk your stretch jeans becoming too big after a couple of outings. Frankly the Twiggy has such a soft feel and the Slate colour will fit so well into my casual and evening wardrobe that it was a winner from the word go.

Next, the Leather 801. OMG these jeans made me feel like a rock star,... for about 3 seconds; then I remembered I am thirty-one year old LittleS, city worker, mother of Monsieur Baby, living in London's nappy valley, so not so rock'n'roll. On the fit, honestly they look fab and again I could have gone a size down (is my diet of bad financial news and sushi paying off?), but not for my lifestyle.

Final try, the chocolate J Brand Velvet skinnies: I wanted a fall colour to go with my new DVF shoe boots, and these chocolate beauties made the trick! I had to visit the Westfield store to get my size as they had run out in Elizabeth St, but looking at my velvet-clad legs this afternoon it was well worth the detour... check out how beautiful and light the shop is, you should definitely pay it a visit if you're in Westfield escaping the rain this week-end! 

Before I leave, here is an updated list of my favourite jeans:

For a Denim Clinic, book below:


Mona P said...

Love the first picture, so cute :)

LittleS said...

Thanks Mona, xo