A new look for The Lilac Pages

Hopefully if you've been coming to visit regularly in the past few months you've noticed I'm not only trying to post more regularly here but I'm also attempting to give this little page a more streamlined look. For instance I've changed the layout last week-end, and I think the new set up works best... What do you think?

Now for some features you may have missed out on. First, I now have a number of additional pages that you can navigate to using the bar above... it will take you to not only my profile (don't expect to find anything too interesting there, my life is way too normal for any juicy nuggets), but also my favourite London addresses and now a page featuring promotions and discounts at some of the places I like shopping at and which are kind enough to be my sponsors. Now you may ask, why have sponsors? For me it's important to partner with a few companies I've used for the past few years as a means to get not only promotions for my readers but most importantly insights on where the companies are going and what exciting developments we can expect. I try not to put banners all over my page so it doesn't disturb your reading, though... I know how annoying it can be to visit an ad-filled page.

Also you'll notice on the right of the page I have my social buttons, so you can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and even Email me if you'd like. And of course BlogLovin'... I've also added a new Themes menu so that you can read all my posts referring to Monsieur Baby's favourite shops, activities etc under {baby}, and for my outfit pics head out to {outfit of the day}.

Finally at the bottom of each post there is now not only an option for your to leave me your comment but you can also share this with your contacts via a number of social tools. I love the direction this page is taking, but appreciate that it's an empty page without readers so please tell me what you think!

Next steps? Getting someone smart and geeky enough to transfer my webpage to another address... If you know someone, write in!



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