'Tis the season to be pretty

Ideally, I'd love to look pretty and as fresh as a flower every day of the year, but I have a busy life and sadly no team of hairdressers and beauty artists running around me day and night, so sometimes, I have not so perfect days. And why not? Who doesn't have a bad hair or a bad skin day once in a while? (If you don't, please don't tell me, that will not be considered a helpful comment!)

However during party season I make an extra effort to look good, even if these days, between mamma duties, work commitments and blogger fever I have even less time to focus on prettifying myself! That's when a good routine comes in handy, in keeping the basis in ship-shape condition: check this old post where I write about my skin regimen since having Monsieur Baby here. I also have a really easy way to keep hair looking polished in the snow, read about it here.

My most trusted tool for good skin is my Clarisonic Brush, which you should all put in your Christmas list if you don't own one already, it will transform your skin cleanse into a spa-like experience, at least if you judge by the results... It is an investment, but ever since I got mine at Space NK I have had the clearest-looking skin possible! The new Clarisonic Mia brush is £60 cheaper than the Clarisonic Plus I have, but still a pretty powerful baby.
Click here to see all the Clarisonic range

So that's clear skin sorted, a must if you want any type of good evening make-up to hold and look amazing until the wee hours (I bet you were wondering how come your foundation seemed to sink into your dimples or, eeek, pores? Well that's because of a poor skin regimen to start with). Now for hair... that, my friends, is usually my biggest issue: if I leave it to nature, I have fine and limp hair, which being a contrarian I absolutely insist on wearing very long! The only thing that saves me is that I have loads of it.
If I could afford to, I'd have my own hair stylist come everyday to give it one of those amazing va-va-voom blow-dries, but since I can't, I settle for the next best thing... a big rotating drying brush! Aka a mechanical hairdresser, and in my case the Babyliss Big Hair Styler. I use it after rough drying my hair with an ionic hairdryer, and it is the fool proof solution to anyone who is, like me, totally useless when it comes to doing a classic blow-dry with a dryer and a brusy. I like that it has soft bristles unlike most similar products, but try not to use it on damp hair as it just makes the bristles fold and the result is a bit meeeh. Oh, and it also doubles up as an arms-toning little weight as you have to lift it high up above your head when you do the back sections! The longer your hair, the harder it is on your bat wings (not that any of us has them, of course)... That's two tools in one!
Buy from Amazon (or Boots, Argos etc)
I like to mix it up from one party to the next one, rather than go for one signature look everytime... from ponytail to Farah flick to poker straight, I think long hair was made for experimenting, there are very few looks I will never attempt. For this, another amazing tool to have in your hairdryer drawer is a pair of hair straighteners, such as these Corioliss express heating ones. With a little practice you can create either a very straight or a curly look relatively easily, but practice before your big do! (alternatively find the nearest Hershesons Blow Dry Bar to you so you can run over in case of catastrophy).
Buy Corioliss at Cult Beauty

Complete your holiday grooming with a shiny mani and pedi, ideally from the lovely ladies at the Nail Gallery on Fulham or New Kings Road. If you're short in time like me, you can get a Gel mani which will last you up to three weeks, leaving all the more time for essential holiday preparations and partying!
Nail Gallery, 300 Fulham Road, SW10 - 0 207 795 1688


Lonely Greenshoe said...

I'm really curious about this Clarisonic brush...here in Italy we don't have it...is it easy to find in London stores?

LittleS said...

Ciao! Yes, you can find it at Space NK (there are loads of these around London) or at Harrods. They are really good!

stephanie said...

Ciao S.

I'm in for a Clarisonic too - how convenient comes my trip to London coming Friday :-) (and I need to start preparing my skin to my May 2012 wedding *lol*)

Would you recommend getting the Mia or the original version? I see that there is also a combination face/body version. hmmm....I'd crave the pink Mia one but I'm not sure if the original version is any better?

How long does a brush head last approx.? Which cleanser do you usually use with the clarisonic?

thank you as well for the styling tools - I'll have a look around boots as I'm looking for a new brush as well :-))))

ciao & XOXO

LittleS said...

Hi Stephanie, first congratulations on your engagement!! Such an exciting time!
I'm not sure about how the Mia performs vs the others to be honest as I've never used it. I Have the Clarisonic Plus which is the one with the body brush and I love using it on my upper arms where I get little goosebumps, it also has 3 speeds which is really handy if your skin is feeling a bit sensitive. I don't use a head more than 2 months. They are easy to order online. I use my Clarisonic with a PH Advantage Glycolic gel for that extra clean feel.