Decking the halls for Christmas

When it comes to holidays, I sometimes enjoy the preparations more than the celebrations... which I think says a bit about who I am, someone with expectations that are just a bit too high perhaps? Oh well, at least I admit it!

The first thing I do is put our holiday wreath up. This year it's a basic fresh leaves and berries wreath we bought from our local garden centre, which I've decorated with little acorn baubles and the thinnest gold icycle silk garland. It's a bit discreet, but at least I'm happy I did part of it myself and there isn't a single one identical to this one in London!

This year, like every year when we are spending the holidays in London, we put up the tree on the second week-end of December, and this year's decoration theme is glass and gold. Not necessarily the most baby-safe choice, I reckon, but I think it looks very pretty.

I think the key for a good-looking Christmas look is mixing: colours, materials, ornaments... So we have some crystal ornaments bought in Prague sharing branches with high street purchases from John Lewis and pinecones I have spray-painted myself a few years ago... We've also added a light blue bauble to celebrate Monsieur Baby's very first Christmas, brought back from our week-end in Paris.

I also found some glass candle holder baubles from a garden centre, which I think look amazing on the Christmas tree, much nicer than one of the electric garlands we own. You see my problem with light garlands is the wire, no matter how much time and effort I put in trying to hide it, it's still the only thing I see, even when I buy beautiful soft-white light garlands... As you can imagine I don't use real tea lights inside, it's too dangerous with the tree branches, the baby and the two cats who seem to take the tree as a giant play ground especially made for them: instead I have ordered some battery tea lights with a warm light colour, and they look pretty nice.  

Of course the mantelpiece also has its decorations, with a little arrangement of moss, church candles and spray-painted (yes, I love my spray paint...) nuts mixed with a blown glass peace birdy... this arrangement takes centre stage as we await the delivery of an antique style mirror I ordered a few days ago, and to the side my Russian crystal eggs and Christmas edition 1930s Vogue cover are an echo to the holiday theme...

VoilĂ ! Now all we need is a nice fresh pine garland for the staircase and some fresh flowers and the house will be ready! Happy holidays all!


Lonely Greenshoe said...

I'd like to wish you and your family (especially your little baba) Merry Christmas!!! Hope to finally meet in the new year!!!

LittleS said...

Happy Christmas LG! Thanks for your good wishes and I hope you have a fabulous new year! xoxo