Dressing for your shape (3): Pear shape

With all my focus on the impending holidays I sort of neglected my series on dressing for your shape, it's been two weeks since my last post! Sorry for that. Let's get back on track...

Today's shape: SeƱorita Pear

This yummy-sounding shape is a very classic feminine one, with a slight top half versus a heavier bottom half. Her hips are traditionally pretty womanly, whilst her shoulders, bust and waist are rather narrow. This is the perfect illusion shape, as people tend to focus on the top-half of a body, hence skimming over what Pears see as their problem areas.

In dressing, Pears should try to balance out their hips by highlighting their shoulders and picking shapes which don't bring the focus on the hipline too much. The exact opposite of the Inverted Triangle, basically!

What works?
- Bootcut jeans
- Patterns and light colours up top, block darker shades in the bottom
- Thin belts sitting at waist level
- Embellished pads and other details on the shoulders
- Prom dresses were made for Pears

What doesn't?
- Pencil skirts and skinny trousers
- Jackets with a hip-level hemline (better choose box jackets!)
- Shoes with ankle ties might make your legs look larger than they are

Coat: Belted Cherry Coat by Reiss
The large collar and double-breasted detail, added to the belted look, will ensure this is a winner for all SeƱoritas Pears around... and that colour, sigh!

Jeans: MiH Marrakesh Jeans
Boot flare, dark wash, mid-rise waist... these babies are the perfect ally for all girls with a bootie... It's no surprise they are flying off the shelves!

Top: Cashmere jumper Zadig & Voltaire
This superfine knit won't add bult to your top half, whilst the contrast leather patches on the shoulder add interesting detail...
Dress: Issa Low-Cut Dress
Another fabulous piece by the Brazilian dress genius, this one has a lovely A-line skirt and a slight pleat by the waist, skimming above the hips and bringing the look to your tiny waist, result!

Shoes: YSL Palais 105 Pumps
Sky-high heels and a peep-toe are the most feminine shoes you can find and they will elongate your legs, bringing some balance to your shape...

Slip dress: Roland Mouret Powermesh Slip
The secret to a good silhouette is not expensive clothes, it's high quality lingerie. Have a look at this slip, which is made of a strong mesh that holds everything in!

(Shape illustration borrowed from the Channel 4 website once again)

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