Monday's Matches lust-have item

Anyone who knows me a bit knows that I adore cats: I've had pet cats all my life and love their character and independence. At home we have two... Mister Fatpuss, a blue-grey chartreux who's been with us since Hubby Dearest and I first lived together in London, and whose love for food has somewhat let him down in the looks and jumping departments. Most recently he was joined by Mister Sourpuss, a chocolate point birman who came to live with us as a tiny twelve-month kitten and has grown into a very opinionated furball.

So my lust-have of the week is quite obvious this time: when I first saw these amazing Charlotte Olympia cat-face embroidered velvet slippers, my heart started racing. They are adorable, classy and quirky all together, a bit like the mouse ballerinas by Marc Jacobs. I can see how they would work with a laid-back look of jeans and a cashmere sweater, or a more sophisticated look of cigarette trousers and couture tee-shirt.

If you're a cat fan like me, it's the perfect time to make some hints to hopefully find these babies under the Christmas tree come the 25th!

Otherwise you can order them here: Charlotte Olympia Slippers at Matches


makeupandpearls said...

omg. WANT. but the price point!

LittleS said...

I know... but hopefully they will be in the sale soon? (Am I indulging in wishful thinking?)