Monday's Matches lust-have item

Right, this is it, the holidays are officially upon us: Hanukkah starts tomorrow, Christmas is next week-end, and New Year's Eve is literally just round the corner. Or, as one of my colleagues rightly described it, the feeding and eating marathon is about to begin. Are you ready? I'm sure by now you have a house full of gifts and you've planned all your meals down to the condiments, but what about your party outfits? If like me, this is the only part you sort of forgot about, you'll love this week's lust-have find from Matches.

It can seem pretty obvious at first, I mean come on, sequins are the ultimate festive trend. However, I think this skirt by US label Vince has got an edge over most sequinned pieces out there. Let me explain how I look at the sequin look: if the hem screams Essex rather than Mayfair (for those of you not UK based, the former barely covers the bottom, if you're in luck), it's a no; if it's bright pink, it's a no; if it's sequins over see-through mesh, it's a no... etc. I could go on for a while, but you get my point, when it comes to sequins one needs to err on the side of caution and class, and stir well away from tacky.

That's why I love this skirt. It's a beautiful pencil cut, making it appropriate for any occasion, especially one where you might have to sit whilst balancing a glass of bubbly and chatting to an elderly relative sitting on the sofa opposite you (in which scenario the Essex girl's bright pink belt-sized mini won't really cover much but that's exactly her point isn't it...) You can dress it up with a silk tee-shirt and sky-high heels or down with boots and a chunky knit. And, unlike the mini monstrosity, it won't leave you with embarassing memories, meaning you'll wear it happily for seasons to come, whilst the other version will have been thrown away in shame on the 1st of January...

Order from here: Vince Skirt at Matches

Happy holidays!

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