Sales shopping (2): Esthederm sunscreen

I know.. the title makes this sales shopping post sound less than thrilling... sunscreen, not very glamourous, but totally essential if you're going to survive life without the tell-tale signs of aging that are little freckles and tiny wrinkles.

My skin has become even more fragile in the last few months since having Monsieur Baby, so it's only natural that I'm stocking up on sunscreen, which I apply religiously every morning before getting out of the house, whether I'm going out in London's grey weather or travelling to more sunny cities such as Madrid.

My all-time favourite sunscreen products are by French brand Esthederm, which focuses on totally hypoallergenic and highly effective protection. For winter, I go for a total sunblock packed with zinc and cellular technology that helps the skin build its own defense against UV light.

The only downside of Esthederm products, is that they are quite pricey, but, here it's really a case of amazing quality doesn't come cheap. So, as they are in the SpaceNK sale, I'll be ordering a double dose of this little one... especially since I'll be using a full tube just during my upcoming week-end in Courchevel a few weeks from now!

Buy it here at £41.50, down from £83.00: Sun Ultimate Screen by Esthederm


madeco said...

Happy New Year too ! Beautiful moments and shopping of course... I post my whishes too on my blog ( with a little memory from Texas) See you soon

LittleS said...

Thank you and happy new year! Have a wonderful start of 2012!