A visit to Margaret Dabbs' Sole Spa at Liberty's

This week has felt like the longest week of the year... first Monsieur Baby caught his first big cold, then Hubby Dearest was ill, then I had to sit (and smile!) through a number of meetings highly charged in bovine refuse (excuse the image), and finally I fell sick thanks to some less than fresh trout terrine at some Christmas dinner. Trust me, a-week-to-forget doesn't even begin to cover it.

Also, after months of being back on my heels day in day out, my poor toes were starting to cry for help. Clearly there was no better time for me to visit the vastly acclaimed medical pedicure rooms of Margaret Dabbs, at Liberty's. If your feet need more than a quick scrub, file and polish, this is the place to go.

First, I am greeted by my podiatrist, a lovely Greek lady who looks and sounds like she knows exactly what she is doing, as well as my nail therapist, who will be taking care of my manicure (yes, you can get your hands prettied whilst getting your ingrown toe nails looked after!). We then proceed to the treatment room where, after a few minutes of examination, the podiatrist concludes that my feet have indeed all the signs of life-long battery, before I explain about my love of gravity-defying heels and my childhood of ballet classes. She first takes care of my toes, bringing out tools that look like they belong in a 1900s dentist practice more than a spa but within minutes I'm reassured: nothing hurts!

My toes however are quickly restored to their original health...   Next, filing down the cuticles around my toe nails, a job performed by an electric file which again, doesn't hurt, but seems to do miracles. Finally, the podiatrist turns her attention to my soles, which she declares are some of the healthiest and softest she has felt in her job... Success! I knew there was something good there, it must be the daily slab of shea butter before bedtime... She still files then and gives them a good massage.

In the meanwhile, my hands are manicured and groomed for the Christmas weeks, with a nice polishing of near-black purple with a dash of gold leaf lacquer on top for an extra sparkle, all courtesy of Rococo nail polishes.

My treatment lasted just under an hour and I come out feeling refreshed and the week is almost forgotten! What I had: a medical pedicure (from £80) and a manicure from £35... a.k.a. my new favourite self-gift for those weeks when loads of TLC is needed.

Margaret Dabbs Sole Spa at Liberty's
Regent St, W1
0 207 494 4492

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Mona P said...

Thanks for the review, this spa sounds like a great place!

Hope next week will be better for you!