Week-end in Paris (1): Sunday morning at the Tuileries

Good evening! I've just returned from Paris, where my two guys and I went to visit Hubby Dearest's family for some early holiday celebrations. Overall it was mostly a miserable week-end weather-wise but we had an absolutely lovely time with our family and Sunday morning was so sunny we were able to take Monsieur Baby to  the closest garden, the Tuileries.

Paris doesn't really do parks, at least not inside the city, if you exclude Boulogne and Vincennes which frankly are not in the same league as the beautiful parks in London or New York. However, when it comes to beautiful manicured gardens, the French are the champions. The Tuileries is the garden just south of Rue de Rivoli, by the Louvre. It is filled with little ponds and wide alleys and the views from the surrounding monuments and historical buildings are absolutely breathtaking. Well worth scheduling between shopping sprees in St-Germain and the Saint-Honore street.

What did I wear? Not a very glamorous outfit I admit, but a very comfy and warm busy mamma one! Details below:
- Jeans Goldsign Misfit at Donna Ida
- Parka The Kooples
- Booties ASOS
- Shawl and handbag Hermes


frifri63 said...

lovely pic, I love casual looks as I am a warm busy mama too:)
Oh, and your pics of the Tuileries are beautiful. Which camera do you use? 5I am hopelessly looking for one, my eye is on the Canon EOS 600D...
Take care and have a merry Xmas!

LittleS said...

Hi Freida, thanks for your comment! I agree that around babies it's best to opt for casual and comfy, with style of course! Loved your comment about my pictures, I find them a bit meeh, but I'm really trying to do better. I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5, it has a Leica lense and is pretty compact so really easy to take everywhere.