Bye bye dirty hair...

Ladies, have you noticed how when you have fine and long hair (like mine!) it can be very challenging to keep your hair fresh and bouncy... to be honest somedays I wake up to find my hair looks perfect for me to launch into a little fry-up on it, and sit myself under a hot lamp whilst it sizzles. Not a good look!

An easy fix would be to decide to just wash my hair everyday, but we all know this is an impossible solution, which in itself can create problems! Who hasn't returned home from work once at midnight with the energy of a post-marathon runner thinking a hair-wash was the last thing on her mind? And who hasn't experienced the sensitive scalp issues from over-washing? If you haven't, then consider yourself lucky,... if you do, read on, I have some tips to share that have worked for me!

1. The perfect frequency of hair washes is every second day: it's a scientifically proven theory, tested over more than 25 years at the University of LittleS... I'm kidding of course but for me it's the frequency that works best, both in terms of general condition of my hair and also in terms of fitting it all into my busy life! Make sure you use a shampoo that's appropriate for your hair condition, don't just choose it because it smells amazing or gives your friend great hair...

2. Change your hair products once in a while: don't ask me why, but it seems that after a few months my hair gets used to products and they stop working as well. Thankfully the combined genius of the chemistry geeks working for the shampoo companies and their marketing colleagues keep on launching new goodies for me to experiment with, so that should help keeping the rotation going for as long as I have hair, I reckon. At the moment I love the L'Occitane Aromatherapy range, which you can find here.

3. If you want your hair to work hard for you, put in the effort: I find that my hair looks good for longer if I've made the effort of drying it properly and style it, smoothing the cuticles to show off whatever quality there is in there, maybe it's its way of saying thanks for the time I'm spending on it rather than on some much needed zzz... Of course over-styling your hair will destroy it, we've all read about it, so a soft approach is always best!

4. Dry shampoo is your friend, but don't abuse it: using dry shampoo on my roots when they are a little bit flat and the wrong side of shiny does help, but if I overdo it I'm left with a Marie-Antoinette powdered look that doesn't work too well... My latest find is this dry shampoo by Percy & Reed at SpaceNK, it smells lovely and leaves my hair much less powdery than all the others I've tried; you can order it by clicking here.

5. Putting your hair up in a bun is not a crime, you know? When even the dry shampoo won't do consider styling your hair in one of the updos that looks so sleek on the runways... or, if all else fails, try a hat!

Of course there is always the miracle solution that I promise myself I will implement the moment I win the lottery (which I don't play at so it's a toughie): I will go for twice weekly professional blow-dries at a hair salon... for some reason they are the only ones which make my hair looks like it belongs to someone else (in a good way, of course) for over 24 hours!


Mona P said...

I've been struggling lately as well with my hair. It has gotten too frizzy at the ends, which is not surprising after the years of straightening it every other day. Can you recommend any hair masks that can help?


Lonely Greenshoe said...

Lovely post and very useful tips!
I'll definitely try this new Occitane line!
Baci and...Happy new Year!

LittleS said...

Thanks ladies! Mona I love the damaged hair Occitane mask, or sometimes just a bi-weekly V-Oil mask helps restore some smoothness!

Mona P said...

Thanks for the recommendation, will definitely try it!