Friday's Matches lust-have

At the end of last year (this makes it sounds like it was ages ago but really we're just talking one week) I figured it was not such a great idea to have Monday lust-haves because I tend to travel a lot for work early in the week and my schedule at work is packed with meetings most Mondays... so I don't really have time to browse and share what I love with you.

Thankfully this is far from a deal-breaker issue, and all I had to do was move my lust-have post day!

This week, I'm focusing on the ultimate Spring jacket... What is that might you ask? Well in my book it's a timeless piece (as ever) which is wind and waterproof (I do live in London after all) and which you can mix and match easily from March until late June.

It will come as a surprise to anyone that my favourite brand for this type of jacket is, of course, Burberry... this little number, from their Brit range, is the ideal all-weather jacket, it will go with everything from little silk dresses to jeans and walking shoes for a spring walk along the shore.

If you remember, last summer I bought a Burberry coat with a similar structure (trenchlike with a modern zip) and I was soon approached by some of you, asking where they could find it as it had sold out. If that experience is anything to go by, you should jump on this baby before it sells out!

Buy it here: Burberry Brit Jacket at Matches

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