Friday's Matches lust-have

I adore wrap dresses... they are the best for long days in the office or days when I travel to see clients. Partly because they look great and are a wonderful day-to-evening look, but also, I have to sheepishly admit, because when I do day trips to other countries the combination of air travel, stressing out over meetings and eating heavier than usual food at client lunches I end up a bit (a lot) bloated and need some help in the mid-rif department.

And of course, noone does wrap dresses better than Diane Von Furstenberg. There is so much to like about DVF... first the dresses are so feminine and look like they were really built for women by someone who understands them, then they carry this careless image that I really like, it's all about how easy it is to get dressed (and undressed?!), how easy it is to walk and live in them, and finally I admire the designer herself. It's strange to admire someone you've never met but she strikes me as someone who has her priorities so right, family, charity, style, life,... whilst being an amazing business woman. When I die I want to come back as someone more like her! In the meanwhile, I'll wear her dresses...

So it's no surprise that this week's Matches lust-have item is this new Spring-Summer 2012 Masako Dress, all made of fresh and flowing silk jersey, in yet a new cool print. Isn't this all worth lusting after?

Get it here: DVF Masako dress at Matches


Stephanie said...

Nice post - I'm a big DVF fan too (my closet consists of roughly 50 wrap dresses *lol*)

I've seen this one too, but it looks very short compared to other wrap dresses, so it's unfortunately a no-go for me & the office :-(

The regular (new) Jeanne/Julian wraps are mostly a tad longer and easier to wear for the office

Enjoy your weekend


LittleS said...

Hi Stephanie - It is indeed shorter which is a blessing for short girls like me ;-) But I can see how it can not work too well for tall girls. Have a fab week-end! xoxo