Friday's Matches lust-have

I love fashion, especially when a garment inspires me so much it brings back childhood memories and dreams of future outfits at the same time... I know, I sound a bit crazy, but look at this gorgeous piece from Project D.

When I first saw this dress it reminded me of Peau d'├éne, a French fairytale about a princess with a fondness for donkey skins and dresses the colour of the sky (it's a long story, google it!)... This Project D dress is aptly called Imagine, and it has such an artistic print and delicate detailing with ruffles and a peplum-like waist that it looks like the modern princess's sky-coloured dress, don't you agree? 

It also happens to be incredibly on trend with a base of greys with pink and yellow shadings thrown in, and a repetitive graphic print. You can hardly get cooler. And it's in silk! Perfect for all those summer meetings followed by drinks in the sunset. And who knows, you could also wear it to a wedding with some strappy sandals...

Get it here: Project D dress at Matches

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