Monsieur Baby's favourite books

A couple of weeks ago, Monsieur Baby turned one... I'll avoid boring you with the usual trivial remarks of how time has flown etc., but let's just say that it seems just a few days ago that I was craddling him fast asleep in my arms back from the hospital and now he is walking all over the place (aided by his walker and his helpful nanny!) and has an opinion on everything that happens around him!

One of the things that he is extremely opinionated on is books. He has his favourites and, sadly, some he absolutely hates. Those ones he discards by an imperial wave of his chubby arms, whereas he can spend hours flicking through the ones he enjoys... I wish someone had told me which ones would have the most success before I bought a library's worth of children's books!

Like most babies, he adores anything to do with Eric Carle's Caterpillar, it must be the colours or the design... we even got him Eric Carle's Alphabet Animal flash cards and he has loved them (to be honest so far it's more about spreading them all over the lounge and less about focusing on the names of the animals but it's a bit early for that).

He was given about four Caterpillar books when he was born, and his absolute favourite was immediately the one with the flaps and pull-ons.

Lift-and-look flaps are his big thing in books. He detests anything to do with feeling textures and finds any "That's not my... " book utterly boring, but flaps drive him crazy!

Before our first trip on the Eurostar, a few weeks ago, we bought him the Usborne Trains book, which is full of flaps to lift and look behind, and makes a big game of finding a little bear on each page. Of course Monsieur Baby is a bit young to really focus on the bear but he really enjoys finding the pictures behind each flap. I got him the Trucks one last week and, for our long-haul trip in a few weeks, he has the Planes one that I'm hiding in a cupboard until it's time to pack. He also has the Atlas from the same collection but we're keeping that on the side until a time when he is a little older to understand what we actually mean by Africa and polar bears!

For bedtime, it's a mix of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit, Saint-Exupéry's Petit Prince and, his current favourite, Usborne's Animal Stories for Little Children. This is a lovely book with adorable illustrations compiling some old folktales and traditional animal stories such as the Little Red Hen and the Lion and the Mouse, drawing from story-telling traditions around the world.

I love reading these stories to him before bedtime, although I sometimes wish they'd made the paper a little thicker as my little tiger sometimes loves nothing better than give a page a good pull and "riiiip!"

So, in summary, this is what my little munchkin loves when it comes to books: anything with bright colours, moving parts, and for evening-time anything that means an extra-long cuddle with Mamma or Papa before dozing off.

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