Old-school lingerie... the return!

As much as I love a hipster Hanky Panky thong, to me that's just an everyday piece, one you slip on under a pair of skinny jeans, practical and handy. When I'm ready to put a little more effort in, I have a sentimental attachment for vintage style lacy not racy full-on lingerie sets... so I'm absolutely thrilled by the return of the retro look in lingerie.

From left to right:
- Bra Intimissimi
- Shaping slip with full lace back Intimissimi
- High-waisted thong Myla

We all know by now that it is essential to wear good supporting high quality undies to make the best of an outfit, and nothing compares to a pair of high-waisted panties and a lifting corselette in that department... and a lot of shapewear collections this year are channeling the lacy girdles of the 30s - 50s, so you get some extra support. Not only that, but the old-school Hollywood glamour style leaves much more to the imagination and creates a whole scenario which no low-waisted teeny-tiny thong will ever be able to.

Left to right:
- Lace overlay long bra Gossard Ooh La La
- Retro high shaping briefs Aubade
- Shaping body Intimissimi

Another reason to love this trend in lingerie is that it works really well with the layering and transparencies trends of late, with all the lace and organdi garments we're seeing in the collections maybe that electric blue plunge bra won't cut it as well as something with a more classical look, don't you think?

From left to right:
- Shaping panty Triumph Lace Sensation
- Lace bra Myla
- Long suspender Gossard Ooh La La
- Guepiere Intimissimi

If you're really into lingerie with a retro look, make sure you check out What Katie Did, the English reference for all vintage looking lingerie (looking being the operative word here, I would never ever send you somewhere to get pre-owned lingerie!) They even make bullet bras if you feel like a little 1940s romance for Valentine's Day...

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