Style update for the 2012 skiing season

Something happens on January 1st, suddenly most magazines are filled with a combination of ultimate new summer fashion finds and the best diet and work-out tips to get fit for our bikinis... Don't they know it's still freezing outside and that for most of us with actual jobs, it's going to be at least another three months until we need a bikini (unless you wear one for your school run... I'm not going to judge...)?

For me, January is about savvy sales shopping on the one hand and preparing for my ski break on the other (ski clothes are rarely on sale in January). A ski trip, no matter how short, is always the highlight of my winter, it allows me to get some pure air whilst clearing my head from London's stress and, guess what, put in some nice work-out hours without even thinking about it! That of course is before hitting the altitude restaurants and their gazillion calories raclettes and fondues, but shh, I won't tell if you don't... So for this lovely escape I always try to get a little style update, even if it's a tiny one.

This year, having shed quite a few pounds in the aftermath of Monsieur Baby, but also looking at all the lovely options on offer, I'm thinking I need a full overhaul of my ski wardrobe. Look at this all-black finds haul, isn't it just perfect?

Clockwise from top left:
1. Topshop SNO jacket, £90
2. Sweaty Betty ski trousers, £190
3. Topshop SNO thermal top, £16
4. Moncler fur-trim vest, £729
5. Sweaty Betty sports bra, £32
6. Tecnica MoonBoots, £119

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