Week-end in Courchevel (2): Lunch at Le Chalet de Pierres

For me, Courchevel is the perfect ski resort, from the easy access from London to the extensive luxury boutiques, not mentioning the superlative ski area. But, most of all, I love how everything is made oh-so easy for skiers to have a fabulous time. For example, one thing that is wonderful in Courchevel is the number of high quality restaurants right on the slopes, making it easy to stop for a delicious meal at the end of a long morning of exercise. I don't know about you, but I never feel guilty about indulging a bit whilst out skiing, after all Hubby Dearest and I will typically ski for about four hours before breaking for lunch so I will have worked hard for my meal! But I don't think I could settle for a sandwich on a bench... If I break for a meal it needs to be in a warm and welcoming setting, with a nice offering of food, and if we feel so inclined, wine...

My usual lunch haunt in the past ten years I've been visiting Courchevel used to be La Bergerie, a family-friendly restaurant on Bellecote with a cool terrasse, the friendliest staff and some seriously yummy crozets (a Savoyarde pasta speciality), but, to my utter despair, this ancient shepherds house was sold in 2011 to a Russian gazillionaire who decided, no less, to tear the whole place down and build a new chalet in its place. I can't begin to describe how sad that makes me.

Instead, this time we had lunch at another Courchevel institution, Le Chalet de Pierres, on the Verdons slopes, just above the main ski lifts of 1850. It also has an impressive terrasse which was unused the day we stopped by due to snow but we had a lovely time inside. I had salad with a beaufort tart, whilst Hubby Dearest enjoyed a tartare, before we enjoyed some desserts from their impressive buffet (we counted over 15 different desserts to choose from!) and a hot lemon water from me, before heading back to burn some more calories.

The place is lovely inside, decorated in typical luxe mountain style, and the waiters are not only efficient and welcoming but also quite numerous! It was not the same as having lunch at La Bergerie where we've been loyal customers for years, but who knows, we might change our habits and make Le Chalet de Pierres our new haunt?

Le Chalet de Pierres
Piste des Verdons
Courchevel 1850

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