Week-end in Courchevel (3): Checking out the Chanel ephemeral boutique

Courchevel is the fashionista's dream of a perfect ski resort, with glitzy luxe boutiques everywhere you look, from the Hermès, Valentino and Cartier shops in the main village to the Louis Vuitton shop at Cheval Blanc or the Moncler corner in Le Chalet de Pierres. It's litterally a shopaholic's dream, well worth coming out to shop in the snow after a long day on the slopes!

Of course last week-end was no exception, and I had to do my usual little round, from a scarf at Hermès (yet another colourway of the Arbre de Vie design) to a few cashmere bits and bobs for the whole family at Bompard, and then I had to check out the new ephemeral boutique set up by Chanel right at the Tremplin.

Set up in what used to be the Avenue Montagne space, this is a gorgeous light and modern boutique filled with amazing goodies, from gorgeous handbags and accessories to clothes from the resort 2012 collection. There is even an Ipad for some extra-futuristic shopping which Hubby Dearest loved!

The sales girls are beyond adorable and helpful, and I ended up spending a good hour trying different handbags and falling in love with a little black lambskin flap bag... Who knew I'd end up finding my very first Chanel bag on a ski break?


Mona P said...

Congrats on your Chanel bag, it is gorgeous!

Is the Chanel store in Courchevel a pop-up boutique or permanent one?

I have been to the Chanel pop-up boutique in St. Tropez last summer, and it was SO different from any others that I have been to! It was housed in the this historic and grand mansion, and had a beautiful garden, which looked like something out of a fairy tale.

Loved reading all your posts from Courchevel!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your Chanel bag! Courchevel seems like paradise.

LittleS said...

Thank you both! It's a cute little bag, not for everyday but I'm very pleased to have found a Chanel bag that didn't feel a bit too ladylike for me!

@Mona, yes this is a pop-up shop, it will be open for the ski season, until mid April. It's quite special!