After the spa, tea at Corinthia London's Lobby Lounge

Ever since becoming a mamma, I haven't had the opportunity to take many girly days off, but when I do, I like to go all out! It all takes a lot of planning of course, as I need to make sure Monsieur Baby is fully entertained and in the safe hands of his adored Papa: so I made a swap with Hubby Dearest weeks ago, he took a Saturday afternoon off and I would have one this week-end. You'd think that given that once in too long chance he would have gone a bit crazy, car racing or at least an afternoon of golf, but no, this good man just went for lunch with friends followed by watching a game of rugby.

Anyhow, it doesn't matter how he spent his Saturday afternoon, I had already planned mine very carefully! This being London, everything must be booked with days of anticipation, so I made sure my visit to Corinthia London's new spa was followed by an indulgent tea in the Lobby Lounge.

As soon as we arrived, I noticed the best feature of this place: the architecture. The lounge is set a few steps up from the reception area, under a gorgeous chandelier with little tables distributed far enough to create intimacy. In the middle of the lounge a large mirrored table reflects gorgeous little orchid arrangements, and to the side of the room an offering of cakes under glass domes which looks delicious enough to get anyone's sugar tooth going.

Having gone into my spa treatments without lunch I was feeling ravenous, time for tea! This place serves the traditional afternoon tea, with or without champagne, as well as cream tea or a selection of pastries and tea you can choose individually for the menu. So, even if you don't want to indulge in the full tea you can still come and have a good time. We had champagne tea, with all the trimmings: sandwiches, scones, and of course tiny pastries which looked so small and pretty it's impossible they had any calories in them (or so I keep telling myself). For me, the sandwiches and scones were the highlight, but I'm usually not a patisserie fan anyways so it takes a lot to really impress me.

The service was lovely, if a bit absent at times, but we had a lovely time. The only dampener on my fabulous experience was that the lounge is located between two entrances of the hotel, and yesterday being a particularly cold day, there was an almost constant wind flying across the room which was quite unpleasant and made quite a few guests keep their coat on...

Tea is served here from 12:00 to 17:30 on week-ends, and between 15:00 and 17:30 during the week:
Cream tea, £21
Afternoon tea, £35
Champagne afternoon tea, £45
Selection of English cakes and tarts, £7

The Lobby Lounge
Corinthia Hotel
Whitehall Place, London SW1
0 207 321 3150

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Cathie -- Kitty Mads said...

I do want to go to a fancy tea -- it's on my list of things to do before I die. :P hehe Nothing like a proper English tea to make you feel pampered. Lovely pictures!