Caring for my wardrobe, one dead moth at a time!

If like me you have a passion for your clothes, you have to be warned: in today's warm and comfy houses looms a deathly threat for your soft cashmeres and your gorgeous silks... Recently I've discovered that moths have decided to set house in our home, and frankly I'm not happy! Time for action I think.

First, the science bit: according to Wikipedia, moths are closely related to butterflies; I'm sorry but I disagree: I think the person who decided they were related didn't look too closely at a moth at all, they are vile creatures, ugly as hell, fat and monochrome... Let's read further: they are commonly regarded as pests because their larvae eat fabric. Ah, now we agree! These little monstrosities fly around your house, lay eggs, only for their spawns to eat some of your most treasured fashion!

I am on the warpath and thankfully I know just about the right place to turn to for help: Total Wardrobe Care is a one-stop shop for all your dressing room needs, including fabulously looking and quite effective anti-moth products. I love that it's all made of natural oils, instead of scary naphtalene (it smells horrible and I have a baby and two cats so not a good mix!).

And of course it's pink and girlie... such as these gorgeous drawer liners. I have them everywhere in my dressing room, and order new ones every few months. I also adore their oil spray which doesn't damage my clothes and smells lovely. If you have fashionista girlfriends this is a great original gift idea, and they will be thankful you thought of their clothes! After all, what's the point of owning wonderful fashion if you don't care for it properly?



Plum said...

Thank you! We have a moth infestation too. Their latest choice item was Zadig and Voltaire. Enough to make a woman weep. Will check out the products you mentioned. It's driving me mad.

33 Avenue said...

I hate MOTHS! I've lost my super soft Hermès cashmere sweater and Dior cashmere top to these creatures. I'm definitely check Total Wardrobe Care ... thanks for the recommendation.

cvw1004 said...

I've been lucky so far just using cedarwood products, but then living in a barn we might be a bit too cold! Have just had a look at the Total Wardrobe website and if you register they are offering some free samples. Am I alone in being happy to spend £££ on H etc but still love getting freebies?

LittleS said...

No, you're not alone cvw1004!! I love getting freebies too! Plum, 33avenue, I really recommend these products, they are great and you can be sure your clothes will smell lovely, whilst if you use naphtalene you will get that little old lady smell that is a bit off-putting in my opinion.

frifri63 said...

I am off to check these out too...I was appalled a few year ago when moths attacked my Sonia Rykiel cashmere sweater and dress!!
cww1004, yay to freebies:)
Bises à toi

LittleS said...

ITA, moths are horrible! And to attack Sonia Rykiel, that's vile! xoxo