Cheating on Hermès with Louis...

If luxury brands were like marriages, I could say that I am married with Hermès but I also enjoy the odd little affair... Céline, Prada, Bottega Veneta all have a special place in my heart, even though I always go back to my lifelong love story with the French sellier.

As you know I adore my Hermès shawls, their intricate designs and light warmth, but lately I've been lusting after something a bit more edgy: it was time to go and check out the Louis Vuitton Leopard stoles I've been hearing so much about in recent years.

This design was created by American artist Stephen Sprouse in 2001, as part of Marc Jacobs' graffiti collection. It's made of a lightweight cashmere and fabric, featuring a leopard spot print with a colourful graffiti signature.

I had never gotten into the whole craze of these stoles, maybe because I generally don't like buying things which I know I'll see on every fashionista and their cousin. But now that this stole has long made it into the Louis Vuitton permanent collection and keeps being re-issued in new colourways, I thought I'd check it out.

I went into the Sloane Street boutique and asked to be shown the colourways, but was disappointed to hear they only had the bright red and the classic camel... Instead I picked up a Lezard stole in camel from the men's collection (pictured on the right). I know it may seem a bit odd but when it comes to fashion, like everything else, I think it pays out to think outside the box and have no problems in buying from men's collections or children shoes (I've been known to check out the Zara girls shoes regularly, they often have cool sandals and ballerinas, it does help that I have small feet). By the way if you're looking for a lovely sales person at the Louis shop in Sloane Street, the adorable Anna is the girl for you, helpful and fun to chat to, she will give you frank advice and is very nice overall.

I then logged into the Louis Vuitton site from home and ordered my very first Leopard stole, in this season's fuschia colourway (pictured left). The spots are fuschia and violet over taupe, which should be perfect to help me get a pop of colour over my usual neutral outfits. I will report back when it arrives, hopefully in the next couple of days!

Order the Leopard one here and the Lezard one here.

Louis Vuitton
190-192 Sloane Street
London SW1
0 207 201 4190


Anonymous said...

Hallo from Germany!
You are right. Everybody should have a Leopard Stole but i think it is the classic brown. It matches to all. My other Leo is rosa/brown (2009). But I like your colour very much.
But what you say "..that I am married with Hermès" is the same at me. Every day i wear a Cashmere or silk scarf. I love my H scarfs and bags!

33 Avenue said...

These leopard scarves are very versatile and easy to use. They are also quite warm even though they're very thin. I love mine and use it often. Hope you'll like yours too.

LittleS said...

M., I took the lezard one to Madrid yesterday, love love it! xo