Friday's MyTheresa lust-have

Friends, after a few months of lusting after the amazing goodies at Matches, it's time to switch gears... I'm sure you all know MyTheresa, but if you don't, go check it out, it's so totally worth it: I love that they have pieces that I can't find anywhere else (remember that Issa dress I bought on sale the other day?), and that the packaging comes in the softest shades of pastel with a girly illustration enclosing the paperwork. Deliveries and returns are super easy... You ought to shop there at least once in your life!

They get new arrivals three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, over 200 pieces each time, so if like me you like keeping your shopping current this is the place to go!

This week, my lust-have has to be these gorgeous embellished suede sandals by avant-garde house Marni, which I think is amazingly edgy and modern but in a cool and fun way, not like some brands which are just too cool for me to even entertain the idea of wearing them (hoof-like shoes or belt-sized skirt anyone?)

These sandals are both fabulous, modern and perfectly wearable, with an cocktail dress for evening or maybe just thick tights and a woolly dress during the Winter months, before switching to jeans and a fab top this Spring... gosh so many possibilities, better order them in my size before they run out.

Buy them at MyTheresa: Marni Embellished Sandals


Claudia said...

OMG these are beyond gorgeous, I can't believe I didn't see these before. Thanks for the post!

Mona P said...

I love these! I saw a small, chunky heeled version of these sandals on NAP, but it sold out in my size.

In terms of sizing with Marni shoes, do you know if they are true to size? I mean, did you order them in your size, or did you have to go up or down a size (or half a size)?


LittleS said...

Hi Mona, typically Marni are true to size for me. Love their shoes!