I'm ready to welcome Spring!

Although the air continues to have a very cold chill to it, I'm so ready to change seasons already! I'm so tired of snow and grey and early evenings, and so looking forward to sunshine and, dare I say it, Easter! That's why I spent part of Sunday afternoon making some flower bulb arrangements to adorn our home...

My moto is always the same when it comes to home decorations: you can always buy some very expensive ones which might or might not be what you want exactly, but I prefer the option of going to my neighborhood garden centre, buying some supplies, and creating exactly what I is in my mind. True, it is more time-consuming, but it made for a lovely Sunday afternoon activity, whilst Monsieur Baby and Hubby Dearest were reading and singing at the kitchen table.

This is what came out of my efforts: four arrangements made of glass, pebbles, moss and some Spring bulbs (hyacinths etc) that I purchased at the lovely Fulham Garden Centre on Fulham Palace Road, where I always find some great plants but also great garden supplies and home accessories... Incidentally this is a charity where all profits go to The Prince's Trust. Just looking at all this green makes my heart sing already!

I'm looking forward to these little babies blooming and promise to post pictures to update you all on the progress of my little Spring flowers.

Have a wonderful week!

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Stephanie said...

great minds think alike ;-) I'm so longing for spring too and have planned to do similar arrangements over the next weekend. I love coming home and see the fresh green leaves of the growing bulbs that eventually will be in full bloom!
also, I'll start seeding tomatoes & co. so that I have a full supply coming summer!
take care, xoxo