It's back to Raw Fairies for a little diet

Right, the clock has started ticking... in less than three weeks we are off to Mauritius and seeing that I'm not one for a Burkini, I have to at least make an attempt to avoid looking like a little walrus pup on the beach, so I took matters in my own hands last week, increasing my visits to Heartcore's Xtend classes, and booking in for a few Raw Fairies deliveries before we leave.

I love Raw Fairies' delivery concept: a courier delivers my bag of food for the day around 8:00 in the morning, with all my meals for one day. I'm not doing the detox this time, just the raw food menu, so there are much less bottles than last time. It's mainly food now, and it's generally delicious. My favourites are the breakfast smoothie and the lunch salad, with the green snack smoothie coming a close third.

Today's menu has a very Asian ring to it, with a Cherry Orchard smoothie for breakfast, a veggie Pad Thai for lunch, and finally a Curried Veggies Quiche with stir fry: obviously everything is made of raw vegetables, pulses, greens, fruits and nuts, but honestly the Pad Thai felt really close to the real deal!

The thing about these menus is that whilst I am still giving my body a well-deserved break from having to digest over-processed foods and deal with breaking animal proteins for a few days, this doesn't feel like a tough diet, as I'm eating pretty yummy food throughout. Honestly I never thought I'd say this but raw food can be delicious!

Of course it helps that I'm guzzling gallons of water, hot or cold, supplemented with lemon juice or grated ginger, it fills me up and helps the cleansing process! Today's Tuesday so I've just completed two days, you wouldn't believe how lighter I feel and how clearer my skin looks already. And I'm sleeping better at night as well!

If you're London-based, you must give these magical creatures a try!

Raw Fairies
0 844 209 2303


Mona P said...

Raw Fairies sounds amazing!

Too bad they don't deliver to Putney, otherwise I would definitely give it a try!

makeupandpearls said...

how interesting! i'm sure we have something like this in san francisco... i'll have to look into it!

LittleS said...

@Mona, call them, Putney is just across the bridge and they deliver here so I'm sure something can be arranged! xo

@makeupandpearls, Frisco is the city of healthy food so for sure they have something like this. xoxo

Elina0408 said...

Too bad they don't deliver in Islington!! They have to expand don't they?

LittleS said...

Hi @Elina408, I agree, they must expand! I'll tell them.

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing!! Couldn't bare to follow your 5-day detox with raw fairies so I only booked for just raw food menu for 4 days as well..(Monday was full already!) Did you find this program aid weight loss if you don't mind me asking?

LittleS said...

@Anonymous, this isn't as radical as the detox but it does help indeed as there are no carbs nor animal proteins involved, so I find it helps me get rid of the sluggish and chubby feeling I get at the end of winter. Of course I've been spending more time working out so it's a combined effect!