Monsieur Baby goes to Tantrum for his first haircut

For the past few weeks, Monsieur Baby's lovely baby curls have been developing into Little Lord Fauntleroy-like ringlets and although I loved the softness of it all I have to admit it wasn't a very modern look, but most importantly I wanted him to have a fresh do ahead of our trip to the Southern Hemisphere... Bless him, he sweats like a little puppy whenever he sleeps so I had to do something to help him a bit!

But, knowing me, you'd guess I didn't just give him a home haircut or take him to Richard Ward where I've been going myself for a few months.. No, for Monsieur Baby's first ever haircut, I took him to a kids-only hair salon, in London's World's End (that's the area on King's Road between Chelsea and Fulham for those who don't know London geography too well, so really a few minutes from our house).

This magical place is called Tantrum. It's divided into two main salon areas: one for smaller children upstairs and one for teens downstairs, this time we stayed upstairs, obviously... The place is very colourful, with a beach and sea decor on the walls, let's just say that Monsieur Baby felt right at home (same way I feel at home at Richard Ward's metrospa with the lilac walls and the water features, just a different kind of home). Each seat is a car for the children to climb into, with a little TV showing animated movies, today, Peppa Pig.

Monsieur Baby and I were shown into a buggy parking area before he was installed in a little Hummer car for his haircut. His stylist put us both at ease: well, Monsieur Baby was pretty chilled, he just wanted to understand what the wheel was attached to, I think I was the most nervous of the two! I was asked what type of style I wanted for the little tiger (I can still do this for now so I'm making the most of it!) and so I asked for something boho, with a bit of curls and layers, rather than the traditional little boy haircut. The stylist wet her comb before styling through his hair so he didn't have to endure a spray or a shampoo. I dare say I'm not sure he noticed what was happening at all, seeing as he kept amusing himself with the toys around his Hummer.

Thirty minutes later Baby had a new groovier style, exactly what I'd envisaged but which, had I attempted to administered it myself, would have probably ended up in tears or worse, and, unlike what the name says, there were absolutely no tantrums. I left with loads of pictures and, of course, an envelope full of my baby's very first curls...

398 Kings Road
London SW10
0 207 376 3966


Mona P said...

He looks SO cute!

LittleS said...

Thanks Mona!!