Monsieur Baby's visit to Sea Life London

Growing up in Casablanca, there weren't really any big children playgrounds or activity centres, but frankly with over 300 days of sunshine in the year there was really no need: my sister and I would spend most of our week-ends at the beach or on horseback at the riding club... In London, there is a natural market for indoor children activities; ask any young parent here, how many times have they looked outside and wondered what to do with the little munchkins on a grey bleak day like today, when the park or the playground are out of question? Which is why there is so much to choose from! (Of course if you're of Viking descent or just crazy it's fine to go play in the frozen weather, don't mind if I don't join in...)

So, today, we experienced one of the many options: the Sea Life Aquarium in London's Southbank. Evidently I had totally forgotten we're in the middle of the mid-term break so the place was somewhat packed but we had a great time. I think it's the kind of activity that's ideal for most ages, even toddlers: we were able to take our buggy in, and Monsieur Baby moved from his papa's shoulders to standing against the aquarium windows to sitting back in his Bugaboo. 

Monsieur Baby not only doesn't like staying still, he also doesn't like remaining in the same confined place for a long time (as you can imagine going with him to ponder during hours over which pair of Loubies to get is a bit out of the question these days, maybe later!) Again Sealife is pretty good for children like him, as you move from one area to another and the atmosphere, lighting and sounds change completely, giving the kind of diversity little children love.

Finally, there are loads of different species to admire, and even though I'm not entirely sure Monsieur Baby did understand that he was looking at a sea horse or a penguin, I could see that he enjoyed looking at the moving fish and the lights shimmering from above the aquarium. He even tried to pet one of the rays! 

If you're visiting London, this is easy to combine with a tour on the London Eye, as Sea Life is literally just next door, a short walk down from Big Ben on the Westminster Bridge. Do try to book your tickets in advance though as queues can build up at peak times, especially during the holidays!

Sea Life London Aquarium
County Hall
Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1
0 871 663 1678 (Booking Line)

Buy tickets here.

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