My July jacket by Isabel Marant

In recent years, I've often found myself admiring a garment somewhere, then balking at the price... I know some pieces are partly handmade etc. but it sometimes seems like what certain brands command in retail prices is just over the top. Now even more than before, I have a limit price for everything: generally, it's around £60 for a tee-shirt, £300 for a day dress, and £800 for a pair of fabulous shoes. Of course like all rules there are exceptions, especially when it comes to handbags, and sometimes I just have to have something, even if it's a bit overpriced, if I feel like I'm going to get an amazing use for it and the cost-per-wear is going to be really low.

As you know I'm partial to Isabel Marant, but when I first saw this chain and feather-embellished cotton jacket, called July, I was madly in love. Until I saw the price: £1,150! A mom-of-one, I now have responsibilities which mean that I cannot afford to be spending this type of money on one jacket! 

However, at times it feels as if the fashion angels are smiling down on my lusting little moi and I did find this jacket a few months after it sold out everywhere on The Outnet, for less than half the price! On days like this I feel so lucky I should maybe play the lottery (then I might get a chance at affording the jacket the first time round...)

Let's be truthful though, it's not just down to sheer luck. It's what I call my fashionista research: I know the times and days of new drops at most of my favourite websites and check them out hours before the usual update email, which means that I'm able to snatch some favourites before they sell out! 

I can't wait for Spring now, when I'll be able to wear this little beauty with a pair of jeans and a some fab heels...

To see my jacket on The Outnet, click here.


Anonymous said...

I love this jacket, congrats on finding it on sale!

Mona P said...

Gorgeous jacket, and you can't beat the price!

So glad you found it!