Perfect boho jewellery for summer

I love a bit of boho jewellery, especially when Spring comes and I'm able to play a little more with my outfits... My favourite bits are thread-thin bracelets, and it's incredible how much that trend has picked up in England in the past couple of years, and how I can find cord bracelets everywhere I go now, from luxury denim shops to girlie boutiques. I'm finding quite tough to resist adding to my collection honestly!

This season, I think I might just get a couple of pieces, maybe a bracelet or two and a ring? Look how gorgeous these little gems are!

1. Silk Cord Barb Bracelet, By Boe
2. Pewter Oval Druzy Ring, Sonya Renee
3. Amethyst Chain Ring, Missoma
4. Snake Bracelet, Shashi
5. Evil Eye Bracelet, By Brilliant
6. Emerald Drop Earrings, Melinda Maria
7. Hamsa Bracelet, Aamaya by Priyanka
8. Filigree Knuckle Ring, Forever 21
9. Nily Nymph Cluster Earrings, Isharya

To me these pieces are perfect: they are whimsical and colourful and not in your face, so as to keep an outfit laid-back and not too sophisticated, which is what I love about summer fashion.

How about you, what type of jewellery do you like to wear for summer?


33 Avenue said...

I've been looking at cord bracelets recently too and got a couple from Les Cleias. I also like the ones you posted here and will check them out.

Mona P said...

I got Hermes Lena necklace last year, which I think is a versatile piece that will transition well through seasons.

While I do love to infuse my summer wardrobe with pastel colours, the summer jewelry is a whole different story. For me it is all about rich and bright colours.

These Isharya earrings are a perfect example:


LittleS said...

@Mona I love the earrings ! I totally agree with you about bright colours, they look amazing on jewellery.

@33 Avenue, I see you'e as obsessed as I am with cord bracelets!

sam said...

Love all the jewellery you posted - do have a look at our website we have quite a large selection of different designers and LOTS of friendship style bracelets - some with diamonds....