A stroll down memory lane with The Body Shop

Like many women my age, some of my very first beauty products were from The Body Shop... A tweener in the early nineties, I was totally bought to the culture of natural products, produced in partnership with local communities, and the fruity scents had me totally hooked for years!

My parents of course liked that this meant I was indulging my girly side without going down the road of flashy pink nails and streaky highlights... As the years went by The Body Shop moved towards more sophisticated offerings and I moved on to other brands, but I was beyond excited last year when they re-issued some of the classics that I had loved so much in my younger years. At a time when I sometimes wake up at 5:45 in the morning feeling like I'm three hundred years old, I'll take anything that takes me back to a more youthful time!

My absolute favourites were the Fuzzy Peach shower gel, the Passion Fruit facial cleanser, and the Dewberry body lotion... I'm ordering a whole batch for Spring!

Order here: Anita's Favourites at The Body Shop and remember to take advantage of their Welcome offer!


Lonely Greenshoe said...

I was a fan too! I loved the white musk fragrance and the body butters...but it was my first step in the green products world...Today, I've switched to other brands, but The Body Shop reminds me of my early teenage years!!!

Stephanie said...

I have found memories of The Body Shop products as well. We once even visited the factory while on holidays in the UK. My favorites were Dewberry and fuzzy peach. I need to stock up on both during my upcoming trip to London as here in Switzerland, they don't do the "retro" collection :-(


LittleS said...

@LG, I love their white musk, but they have changed it... something's off about the new one for me.

@Stephanie, you must! Fuzzy peach is back and it still smells amazing!