Donna Ida's top tips for denim devotees

If, like me, you've spent years refusing to wear jeans at some point in your life on the basis that they were uncomfortable or didn't fit well, and possibly you're still stuck in the fear that denim is not for you, you must trot over to Donna Ida to meet the denim fairies who will transform your approach to jeans and leave you wondering how you lived without them for so long...

In the meanwhile, for those of you who are not London-based, here are Donna's very own top tips for denim devotees, which should be handed out with each pair sold honestly, they're that good! (And, before you ask what a yoke is, it's the V-shaped piece of fabric just above your bottom at the back of the jeans, it's what gives your bottom a curved rather than a flat look).

To this, I'll add one tip: it pays off to buy designer jeans, they just look and fit better, and they feel amazing too. Personally, I've never been able to find good jeans in the high street, it's one of those cases where once again the rule of, when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys (no offence to our little simian friends).

My favourite designers for great jeans are: GoldsignJames JeansJ Brand, and my most recent discovery, Paige... but to find yours, the best is to experiment, and, if you can, go in to see Donna and her fairies, they will help you find your ideal denim!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these tips. Service and knowledge are really key when buying jeans. Before x-mas, I visited the 7FAM boutique in Stockholm and bought several pairs thanks to a good SA. Unfortunately, their quality has gone down a lot. I wish there were a multi brand specialist boutique where I live.

J Brand is my favorite, too, I love their fabric and styles. I've been eyeing a pastel pair from NAP, but somehow I feel that pastels are for the twenty something set, what do you think? Also, do you follow the advice of washing your jeans in cold water? I wash mine in 30 and 40 degrees, depending on the brand, can't help thinking they don't become properly clean in cold water....

Have a fabulous and relaxing trip to Mauritius (your post about your purchases for your little one reminded me of our trip to Mauritius with my son, then almost 2, several years ago. Travelling with little ones really takes some planning. It gets so much easier with time.)


LittleS said...

@Polaremil, Donna Ida ship to Sweden too, in case you want to use their customer advice service on email or by phone is really good! I personally am going to give the pastel jeans trend a miss, I loved the rich jewel tones from last winter, but in the summer it's either blue or white, no pastels will ever look good on my short legs!
As to cold wash, yes, I wash them cold, especially if there is some stretch, it means the fibres don't get cooked!
Thanks for your kind words for our vacation, I'll report back soon on how it went!