DVF collection: Gap Kids does it again!

Remember how envious fashionistas everywhere were when Gap Kids launched their Stella McCartney collection? I still have fond thoughts about that gorgeous panther sweater, and that amazing military jacket... Well it looks like this year, jealousy for me will take the form of fabulous dresses bursting with colour, wonderful leggings and print-tastic tops.

I'm talking, of course, about the upcoming collection by fashion goddess Diane Von Furstenberg for Gap Kids, aka "DVF loves Gap Kids". This is DVF's very first collaboration with another brand, and will range from new-born (how cute is this little bodysuit?) to 14-years, so if you're petite enough you could possibly attempt to squeeze yourself into one of the youthful wrap dresses.

Sadly there is absolutely no chance of me squeezing into a child-size dress (shoes, for sure, but not a dress!) and I don't have a Petite S just yet... I'm sure Monsieur Baby wouldn't object to wearing some of the collection's pieces however his father will surely have some strong arguments against it, so I'll just abstain and maybe purchase a piece or two as gifts for friends' little ones?

The collection launch last week-end was a glitzy affair in L.A. attended by Hollywood mummies and daughters, so expect to see a few pap pictures in the coming weeks of little glitterati wearing the colourful goodies!

According to reports there was a mini- runway show after which the queen of printed dresses revealed that although she doesn't normally like doing children collections, she decided to do this to bring the spirit of her line into childrenswear, creating a fun and optimistic collection which will have us all drooling very soon...

In the US this is launching next week, but sadly we'll have to wait a couple more weeks for the collection to hit the rest of the world: whilst you wait for the launch in the UK shops on March 28, you can watch the preview on the US website by clicking here.



Mona P said...

That is awesome! I think my daughter will like the bright prints, although she is not a big fan of clothes shopping :)

When Stella McCartney's collection launched, we were in US at the time. I was surprised at the great stock availability of nearly all items at local GAP stores there. Whereas here in UK, once the collaboration lines are in, they are sold out almost instantly.

LittleS said...

I know... I usually find it easier to buy the special collections if I'm abroad, here they get sold out super quick.

Anonymous said...

No Gap Shop here in Germany :(
These Clothes are so cute.

LittleS said...

Maja, don't they do online shopping for German customers? This is such a useful shop! I love going there for everyday essentials!