Friday's MyTheresa lust-have

Over the years, I've come to think of myself more as a stylista than a pure fashionista, in the sense that I care more for style than fashion and I don't like following fad trends. I have developed a number of more or less strict rules when it comes to styling myself, but, once in a while, something comes up that makes me want to throw the rulebook away and have some fun.

This is exactly what I feel with this week's lust-have from MyTheresa. Basically, when I think about bags, I prefer mine to be versatile and usually in a neutral or block colour... not a burst of bright colour print. But then, I saw this beautiful tote and even though my rational mind is trying desperately to forget it on the basis that it's not reasonable to have such a flash bag, I can't seem to be able to browse away from it...

I'm sure you can see how this little baby would work perfectly with white jeans and a plain silk blouse, or a little denim shift, flat gladiators and a bangle or two, the perfect outfit for a summer barbecue! Also, seeing as I've never bought a proper changing bag to haul Monsieur Baby's stuff around, this is the perfect size to fit all his paraphaernalia for a day out.

Order this beauty here: Balenciaga printed shopper at MyTheresa.

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Anonymous said...

I am lusting over their "wicker" tote (not sure what they call it). Great Summer bags!!! I havn´t looked at balenciaga for so long:0)