Friday's MyTheresa lust-have

You know the slightly coloured expression "the [fill in your nationality here] do it better"? Well to me when it comes to high fashion, it's fair to say that the Italians do it better. And, amongst the Italians, well, some houses are just above the rest: Missoni, for instance, is one of my all-time favourites. Whilst I don't love all the patterns or colour combinations, every season there are at least five pieces that I love from their collection and the quality and beauty of the knit they use is always amazing.

This Spring, I'm in love with this Papaia cardigan, so much so that I just ordered it from MyTheresa yesterday and you might see it soon in one of my "Outfit of the day" posts... it is the perfect Summer cover-up, made of Missoni's fabulous linen-mix knit, in a bright pattern that's bound to liven up any boring shift dress!

I like this season's collection at Missoni a lot and I'm sure I'll be ordering some more items... watch this space!

Find this cardigan here: Missoni Papaia cardigan at MyTheresa

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frifri63 said...

bravo! i love this pattern too. Can't wait to see how you wear it.