Grooming: it needn't be a chore!

Ok, by now I feel I know you well enough to share a secret: ever wondered why some women are always groomed and how they manage? Well, it's simple: they have found places that work for them and deliver what they are after, in a convenient and as painfree as possible. At least, that's how I do it... Let me explain further.

If you were to get a bikini wax at a salon where the whole process is long, a bit cringe-worthy and frankly painful, would you go back for regular tidies every month? Most of us would say no way, of course if you're into SM you might have said yes but that's a whole other topic that I don't think I will cover in this post...

If however you were to visit a salon where your session lasted 30 minutes tops for a Brazilian and just a smidgen more for Hollywood, and the experience was as painless as you can possibly imagine (we're still pulling hairs here...!) thanks to some amazing wax mixes, I'm sure you'd be back religiously for your tidy-ups on a regular basis.

Well, London friends who've gone au naturel except for emergency situations (the third date, a swim with your baby, or that beach holiday you've dreamt of for months), look no further than Strip!

It is by far the best waxing place I've been to: it delivers all of the above, and more! Usually I visit the City branch but last week-end I stopped by the Chelsea salon for my pre-Mauritius wax, and was again impressed at how amazingly non-fussy and clean the process can be. By the way, they throw away each spatula after one layer of wax, that's one layer, not one session! Clearly if you're a bacteria freak this is also the place for you! Of course I also stocked up on some beauty products and a couple of Hanky Pankies... Book here:
Strip Chelsea
102 Fulham Road
0 207 590 0050

Ok now you're all smooth and fuzz-free, time to give your nails some attention. Yes ladies, ungroomed nails can look a bit, well, neglected in board-rooms, no matter how powerful your job says you are! Yes manis and pedis cost a fortune in London compared to other metropoles, however if you choose right you only need to go every three weeks... Now that you're on Fulham Road, head down the road by a few blocks, you'll find a little gem called The Nail Gallery. This is not the kind of fancy schmancy places where you'll get served bubbly, but I have been a loyal customer for six years and I can tell you their gel manis are the only ones that will stay put on my nails for the full advertised three weeks! And their pedis are absolute perfection, even on my tiny toe nails. I love that it all feels like visiting friends when I pop into this place, it's not a cold salon like there are so many, and they'll have you back for a fix if you call them and explain you messed up your mani on the way home... What colours did I pick for our Mauritian break? The sheerest soft pink I could find, since my clothes are very bright, I didn't want to go for something too loud. I often see a few well-known faces in this low-key salon, proof that sometimes, it's not all about the looks of the place!
The Nail Gallery
300 Fulham Road
0 207 795 1688

Now, if you're really looking for the ultimate convenient experience, perhaps ReturnToGlory is the answer for you! I used them for the first time a couple of days ago, and I now understand why they are London's favourite mobile beauty company... Although it is not on their full menu of services, you can ask them in for a fake tan application, which is what I booked. I have decided to keep my fair skin well away from the sun since turning thirty, however I don't know how to do the pale and interesting look on holidays so I like to indulge in self-tanner once in a while. The reality however is that when I apply it myself, no matter how careful I am, there is always a patch I missed or a couple of streaks! Thankfully this was not the case after this session, my tan was both perfect for my skin tone (as in no Tango Orange monster in the house!) and applied beautifully. I can't wait to post some pics for you to judge!
(a place of your choice!)
0 845 485 1192

And finally, hair... Well for that my dear friends I can only recommend one thing: get a good cut from a professional stylist, and learn to blow dry your hair yourself, there is no worst waste of money than a weekly blow-dry if your hair is fine or really difficult. Take my case: if I get my hair professionally blown, after a few hours it's back to its limp self, so why bother? I much prefer keeping it squeaky clean and drying it myself with my Babyliss Big Hair, at least I know that when it falls flat I won't regret spending money!

Now, with all this in mind, tell me, is it still worthwhile to be known as the one who doesn't like to go to the beauty salon?

Kisses from Mauritius! S

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