My new shoe creation... perfect for summer!

Every fashionista fancies herself as a designer or at least stylist once in a while, and, for the little girl in me who once imagined working in fashion and ended up in finance (don't ask!), Upper Street is like a dream come true... If you don't know about this wonderful site, you absolutely must visit: it is the place to go to to design your very own bespoke sandals, stilettos, ballerinas! I wish I'd known about them for the countless occasions when I wished I could re-design a pair of shoes seen in a shop, just a tiny bit, arrange a strap here, add some interesting details there, etc.

Well now that I've started ordering from the website, it's quite hard to stop! I've only just received this gorgeous pair of sandals, which are exactly as I like sandals for everyday use: a simple shape but some fun colour and materials combination! It's basically a slingback sandal with crossing straps on the toes, in orange lizard and suede, with a contrast back strap in violet lizard. 

For sure, this explosive colour combination is not for the faint-hearted, and Upper Street also offer some gorgeous neutral materials to work with, but for this pair I wanted something special that would be truly unique. 

Hopefully the classic shape compensates for the craziness of the materials and colours... What will I be wearing these with? Quite a few possibilities honestly: a white dress and that Missoni cardi I just ordered, a pair of jeans and a aqua tee-shirt (see how cool the aqua colour looks against the orange on the pics?) or maybe just a floral shift. 

You can also design and order your own unique shoes for a special occasion or like me, for everyday, from: http://www.upperstreet.com/


Mona P said...

Very unique colour combo!

Can't wait to see how you pair it with different outfits!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

LittleS said...

Hi Mona, yes, this one is a bit explosive, even I can see that! But I love bright accessories in the summer! xo

Anonymous said...

ADORE the colors ! Orange has long been my favourite colour - perfect for summer. Now I want a pair in aqua and orange... JaneS x

LittleS said...

@Jane, thanks so much, I love orange as well!

Anonymous said...

Hi S!
I've been lurking here every now and then, but I just had to start commenting when I saw your fabulous shoes. They're are so pretty! Your eye for color is very sharp.

How do you find UpperStreet shoes size wise..? Which size did you order and which size are you normally in let's say Jimmy Choo heels or Lanvin flats..? I played with the design programme yesterday, so much fun! I think I will go for a sandal like yours or maybe with a platform, in dark blue snakeskin and suede and maybe violet or turquoise snakeskin as an accent.



LittleS said...

Hi Polaremil! Thanks for commenting, and please do come back and tell me what you think about the posts!
The great thing about Upper Street is that you can send them exact measurements of your feet or just a drawing of your sole, and they will make shoes to your exact measurement. For example I have size 36.5 feet but did 16 years of ballet pointe work and that means my feet are a bit wide at the front, so they adjust for this when they make my shoes, whilst at Jimmy Choo I have to buy size 37 to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply. This is great news since I have difficult feet as well. Just got home from a skiing vacation where the toes of my right foot went numb due to issues with the skiing boots, big sigh... I'm certain that my doctor would not want me to design anything with heels...