Need serious hair help? Head to Jo Hansford!

After years of wandering aimlessly from one hairdresser to another since my move to London, I've suffered many hair disastres at the hands of people who were either incompetent or unprofessional, and lately something terrible happened to my hair, which was the original reason why I gave it a huge chop, but after a few patient weeks to let it rest a bit, I decided it was time to pull out the big guns and get to hair rehab.

I did some extensive research online and it quickly transpired that the most acclaimed colourist team in London, according to numerous articles, blogs, and awards, is that of Jo Hansford in Mayfair. Time for a visit, I thought...

First, I called to book a consultation, describing exactly the condition of my hair (fried, battered, and frankly in need of either a shave or a miracle), and the receptionist booked me in with one of the most senior colourists, Taylor. She said "she would be able to assist me" best, and... by Miu Miu did she assist me!!!

My consultation lasted a whole 30 minutes (more than you can get from most GPs!) during which the gorgeous Taylor examined my hair, its condition, and asked me a few questions about style, hair history etc. By the way, Taylor is a walking advert for the salon, her long blond locks are the ideal blend of golden and honey shades, looking expensive yet natural, absolutely perfect...

We looked at pictures together to discuss my new colour, which was very helpful: elsewhere people would ask me to describe what I wanted and give me a chart of fake hair strands to peer over, usually with horrible results, even in the most expensive places I've been to... I wanted to go back to a more natural colour, so we settled on a colour which Taylor described as milk chocolate, with an idea to maybe add some toffee lights later for a summery feel.

I came back the next day for my appointment... Taylor had booked me in for a "colour change", ie many many hours in the salon, getting various lotions applied to my hair to wash off whatever it had been attacked with. No bleach here, this isn't some butcher salon in the outskirts of London, you're in Mayfair darling :) After a good three hours, my hair was declared ready for its new colour, and another hour later we were done. Phew! Time for Joel, the hair stylist, to step in and bring some shape to my bluntly chopped locks.

Having looked at my hair dry, and asked again how I normally style it (I love that they don't expect me to dramatically change my routine and start applying rollers and tongs for hours every morning!), he had suggested to just add some definition on the sides and back, and keep the length. By then I was getting slightly restless, having sat for hours on end, but he kept refining the cut until he was entirely satisfied.

A quick and easy blow-dry later, time for the reveal. To say that I was delighted with the result doesn't even start to cover it. My hair had gone from crazy orangey red to a toffee infused Milka colour. I feel like I've been given a whole new hair life!

Taylor asked me to come back after one week for a tweaking appointment, free of charge, to achieve the perfect milk chocolate shade, and I'll also be returning for refreshes every six weeks or so. It sure won't be a cheap addiction, but it makes me so happy to see my hair back in shape that it is well worth it!

Jo Hansford
48 South Audley Street,
London W1
0 207 495 7774

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