Shopping the Marni collection at H&M

Ever since its very first special collection, H&M continues to wow its customers with fantastic designer collaborations. My favourites so far? Lanvin and Sonia Rykiel of course... For me, the Jimmy Choo one was the biggest miss, although I really appreciate that they are giving customers a very diverse array of collections, from the smouldering sexy of Versace to the uber cool of today's launch: Marni.

I'm a big fan of this label's quirky designs and as I perused the collection on the website yesterday, I made a list of the pieces that I liked and would try to get my hands on. Some might ask why I don't just shop Marni's main collection, but everyone loves a bargain, no?

Unlike other devoted fashionistas, I was never going to be able to queue in line for the shops, plus frankly I find queuing to spend my money a very uninteresting sport. Instead, I planned to try and see if I could buy a couple of pieces on-line, whilst getting on with my normal work day. Of course I was expecting a major site meltdown as is usually the case with big sales or launch events, so I armed myself with patience and loads of emails to read and calls to make whilst my finger pressed the click button to refresh the web page.

The collection launched at 09:00 on the website, but I was only able to access it around 10:30, after giving up a couple of times! It was good that I'd looked at the pieces beforehand because even the few pieces remaining when I logged in were selling off fast...

I quickly bought the blue dotted cropped jacket, which I think is a more special choice than the similar model in black which everyone will be sporting in the coming weeks, and pouted when I saw that the little navy striped cardi I'd had my heard set on had sold out in all sizes. Hey, you can't win them all... I didn't get tempted to load up on some of the other items which were still available, from experience I know that if they are not on your original whislist, then you'll never wear the pieces that you buy out of pique.

If you manage to get on, the collection is here: Marni at H&M, otherwise trot over to your local H&M to see if there are some leftovers...or head out to Ebay where all the resellers will be flogging their purchases at inflated prices.

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Mona P said...

I am glad you got the blue jacket! It is such a Marni classic, both in print and style.

I was after the black and white long coat and short jacket (with dots), but they were all sold out online by the time I got to the website.

As for going to the store, as much as I love Marni, the idea of standing in the line and freezing was somehow not that appealing :o)