Get glowing... beauty must-haves

The other day I was sitting through in my monthly laser hair removal session and my therapist was happily chatting away telling me about this client who has absolutely perfect skin, to the point that she doesn't really need the treatments she comes in for etc. etc... All the while the skin on my legs was getting prickled as my hairs were zapped, and my complexion was turning a slight green, the kind that comes with envy. Next time I think I'll just bring my Ipod, not just my monthly pile of magazines!

Sadly my skin is not perfect, not with the life that I have: between the long days in a confined office, the flights, the late evenings of cramming everything from Pilates to cuddles with Monsieur Baby and the latest episode of The Good Wife whilst writing this blog, the two things I consistently forget to do are sleep and drink water. And, as we all know, that's two thirds of the secret to great skin, besides good genes of course.

However, in beauty mathematics, the following formula has been proven right by years of studies at the internationally renowned Institute of LittleS Silly Mathematics:
(Water) + (Zzzzz) + (Sheer luck) <=> (Good skin regimen) + (Magical make-up)

When it comes to a good regimen, it's all about finding the right products and repeating a good routine, and not being afraid of switching gears if the condition changes... Recently my skin has decided to go all congested again, so I've switched back to glycolic-pumped gels again! If you want to read more about my skin routine check out this post.

Now make-up... I personally prefer a more natural look and over the years have become addicted to a few classic products, which are both reliable and low-key enough to not make everyone think I've spent three hours in the bathroom before breezing into the office (that would mean waking up at 3am... frankly I have better things to do then, like sleep).

Up first, Laboratoire Rem├Ęde's Translucent UV Coat, aka the very first BB cream I've ever seen, which I've been buying from Bliss for as long as I can remember. I use the white version, which is litterally just a beauty balm with reflective particules and a potent SPF, mixed in with my foundation for an extra glow to my face, seeing that these days I wake up most often than not with a slightly worse-for-wear complexion. It's smooth and light so it blends in really easily, and it doesn't leave my skin shiny or full of glitter-like particles, it just looks as if I had a nice restful week at the spa... Honestly, this does the trick!

Second up in my list of long-time loves, Huile Prodigieuse Or by Nuxe at SpaceNK, a product I have both in gold and natural. It's the perfect all-purpose oil, with the most amazing hydrating properties (try it on chapped skin after a day on the ski slopes, it's so restorative it should be reimbursed by the NHS!) The gold version is fabulous to add a little glamour and is the perfect highliter, for face and hair. That's what I call non tacky shimmer!

And finally, the one illuminator that says exactly what it says on the tin: I give you the popular Nars Illuminator, in Orgasm... Instead of calling this Peach or Dallas Glow or whatever, the smart brains at Nars have given this hue the best name ever, seeing as it does give you that "I just did it" flush! It tends to illuminate the skin from within, and its speckles of peach and gold leave a nice healthy look on the sallowest of cheeks. I use it on just-moisturised skin in the week-end when I don't want to try too hard, and it is simply heavenly! If you don't have this in your make-up bag yet, trust me, this is a must-have...

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