Liberty's: the grande dame of all London department stores

Try going shopping on a Saturday afternoon in London, if you hit Harrods, you're likely to be overwhelmed by the number of tourists traipsing the floors, and if you are after something from the foodhalls, well, you might as well arm yourself with the patience of a Tibetan monk, it is literally impossible to move... What is it with tourists and Harrods food halls? Is there a tip in the guidebooks that says "If you move at a glacial pace and ensure nobody can actually purchase anything, your experience will be more real"? Don't get me wrong, I adore Harrods, it's an amazing place, but I find it's best frequented during work days and preferably off the ground floor.

But, if you want the real English experience, travel a little East to the edge of Soho, where you will find Liberty's, the grande dame of English department stores. Although it is best known for its fabulous floral and paisley prints, it also hosts some of the edgiest designers and some pretty quirky goodies for the home. I love wandering in the old wood-pannelled rooms, seeing what the next arch might unveil. This is a store that I don't find particularly easy to navigate, however I feel this is at least half of the charm. Plus, there are so many rooms and corners that it never feels crowded despite its small size, unlike its huge Knightsbridge counterpart.

My favourite places? The ground floor,  with the fabulous flower shop, and the wallpaper tables, where you can find some pretty unique designs, from very classical floral to the more "interesting" erotica prints! You will be guaranteed to find gifts for everyone, and plenty for yourself as well (this is the place where I bought my first Tribute sandals after all, so it really can do no wrong for me!)

Regent St, London W1
Open everyday


Faux Fuchsia said...

Liberty is my favourite shoppe in London. Apart from Daunt books and Waitrose in Marlebone! I esp love when they put the Christmas shoppe up...I miss Londy. Must plan a trip asap.

Mree said...

Love Liberty! What an amazing store!! I can't wait to go back.

LittleS said...

Thanks for your comments ladies, Mree let me know when you're in town, it would be lovely to catch up!

mary said...

This is my favorite shop in London, you feel a vibe which is different than any other store in London. Miss it!