My Slender Cow 101

Summer is near... every year, this means thinking hello shorter skirts, bikinis, bye bye tights and, oh my god how did I not notice that this cottage cheese texture had crept over my thighs this winter?! Looking down last week-end I envisaged one of three options: 1) holiday in the South Pole where hopefully the penguins won't mind my wobbly bits, 2) order a burkini and hope it will be more fitting on me than Nigella, 3) join a gym and live in it for the next three months.

Now as you know, I like warm climates, stylish beachwear and would much rather wear heels than sneakers, so none of the above were good working solutions. 

I was starting to despair, when I got the invite to join the launch of Cowshed's new line, Slender Cow, a specialised trio of wonder products with the sole aim of helping me firm up in time for summer... (I always knew there was a guardian angel looking out for me!) According to the therapists on hand at the launch who were dispensing lovely massages and advice, this line was created specifically for those of us who are slightly gym-shy or short in time and who have hard to budge wobbly bits, with a formula based off a special algae formula that works and smells amazing. Not only that, one of the algae used in the products is meant to improve the appearance of stretch marks, something that most of us find so difficult to achieve! 

The product collection follows three steps:
1) A detoxifying scrub which packs a real punch, none of the gel-like texture you find elsewhere, with Himalayan and Dead Sea salts and essential oils that leave the skin soft and oh-so-subtle;
2) The body sculpting serum, my personal favourite, smells and feels amazing, and my skin tightener right up as soon as I applied it... of course I've left with a sample to try out at home and I'll be using it to the very last drop!
3) A body butter that's both firming and super hydrating (the first I've found to perform both functions effectively).

Order from here: Cowshed Slender Cow line and remember you can get a body brush for free by ordering the three products (yes girls, it doesn't matter how great the products are, if you don't activate circulation by body brushing ahead of showering!)

Cowshed are also launching a new range of treatments with this new line, which I haven't sampled yet, but I will report back when I do! In the meanwhile, stay off the threadmill and massage your wobbly bits goodbye!


Lonely Greenshoe said...

Very interesting...must try!!!
By the way, which size is your Gris Tourtourelle birkin?

LittleS said...

Dear LG, my Gris T birkin is a 30cm, it's perfect for lunches, afternoons shopping, not so much for office. Too small for files!