Bye bye monthly leg waxes... My experience with laser hair removal

As efficient and painfree(-ish) as I find my bikini waxes at Strip, I have to confess that I never found a remotely enjoyable (!) or pain-free way to get rid of my leg hair... Plus, I've always been very frustrated to find myself pining for that new Marni skirt in my closet when my legs are in that unmentionable re-growth phase. Of course, there are razors and depilatory creams, but really if you want a long-term solution, laser is the only way to go. And that, my dear friends, is what I discovered this year.

I'd been thinking about it for a few years, but it never seemed to be the right time, first there were the sunny holidays in the middle of Spring, then the pregnancy and baby with all their friendly skin-darkening hormones, and then just life, busy busy busy all the time. So in January, I decided to take the bull by the horns and book myself for a series of sessions at my local Destination Skin clinic, conveniently located minutes from my house. Almost six months in, here is a little true-false summary of my experience:

1) It works best on dark hair and fair skin: TRUE
I have fair but not aspirin-white skin and dark brown hair and it works fine, but the moment the hair get finer and lighter the results are slower...

2) You have to stay out of the sun for the duration of your treatment: TRUE, but...
If you leave 2 weeks between a session and your holidays in the sun your therapist will make a patch test when you return to start you on the right setting. It will delay your programme a bit but in my case those two weeks in Mauritius were so worth it!

3) It's painfree: FALSE
Whomever told you laser hair removal was a breeze was lying. For me, a leg session with the laser is more painful than a wax, for two reasons: first, it lasts twice as long, and second, everytime the laser zaps one hair it feels like I'm being caught by a small hot stapler, and that's not to mention the more bony areas (yes, I do have some bony areas, don't smirk!)

4) Results are immediate: NOT REALLY
Although it's true that some hairs are zapped once never to reappear, I've also had the odd recalcitrant hair which has come back after the first, the second and even the third session! For me it took a good five appointments to say that the hairs had all been zapped.

I'm so pleased to not have to worry about waxing and regrowth anymore, I'm thinking maybe next winter will be a good time to try other areas!

Book a consultation at Destination Skin and see if a package could be for you (they have a summer sale ongoing at the moment, offering 40% off!!!)


sam said...

There is no other way but laser....once you have done one area you just want to do the lot!! I think it is brilliant. ( I am dark haired and olive skinned...)
It worked best on my legs/bikini - underarms took the most sessions but it does make Summer so much easier!! I had it done 2 years ago and wish i had done it sooner!!

Oh Sunnie Day said...

Are your legs really smooth? That sounds amazing



LittleS said...

@Sam, you are so right, I'm thinking of other areas!

@Jen I still have one session to go and the answer is yes, almost almost there! Anyone I know who've had the full programme has smooth no need for shave legs now....