The Diamond Jubilee series (3): Don't forget the kiddies!

Ok, so you have a fabulous garden party planned and now you're dedicating most of your awake hours to praying for good weather over the week-end (it's not looking too good in the weather reports!), but have you planned some activities for the kiddies to entertain themselves whilst you're guzzling Pimm's with your friends toasting to Her Majesty's good health?

If not, head over to Alex&Alexa where you'll find a host of cute and really cool outdoor toys, such as this little gardener's box. It's bound to keep the little munchkins entertained for at least half an hour, but I don't guarantee your camelias will survive!

My personal favourite has to be this Bug Catching game, which the little ones will fully expect the parents to partake in, of course, it's half of the fun! If my short experience as a parent is anything to go by, a party is only be a successful affair that your friends leave relaxed if you have kept their children reasonably entertained and, obviously, well fed...

However you don't need to go to the extreme length of hiring an entertainer for your Jubilee party, a few well planned games and snacks will keep the peace everywhere! Even if your little one has gazillions of toys as it is, I find it always works to introduce one or two new toys during events like this when there are lots of people around, it keeps my little one from getting too hyper...

Oh, and whilst you're on the website, do have a look at the gorgeous clothes on offer, I guarantee you'll find just the perfect Jubilee party outfit for your little one!

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