Get a summer coat girls, looks like we'll all need one this season...

I have tried to resist writing this blog for a few days now... I don't like the concept of covering up in May, it just goes against my Mediterranean nature! For me May is the time of week-ends on the beach, prawn salads and the first signs of a glow over my legs.

Instead, this year London is bringing us horrible winds, freezing rain almost non stop since mid-April, and my legs are looking as pasty as they did in January, despite the trip to Mauritius! It's time to face the music, dear fashionista friends, we've all been massively let down by Spring weather so far, and whomever decided to impose a hosepipe ban the other day must be feeling slightly embarassed now (hell, I'm embarassed for them!)

Now, in front of this adverse change of plans fashion-wise (I guess like me some of you were expecting to be wearing shorter hems and sandals by now), you can either huddle back into your winter wardrobe and dig out that heavy black or grey coat, or do like I did, and try to find an absolutely fabulous summer coat.

Clockwise, from top left:
Beige double-breasted coat, H&M
Coral japanese-print belted coat, DVF at Matches
Yellow coat with piped pockets, Zara
Turquoise overcoat, Roksanda Ilincic at Matches
Sheer silk georgette trench, Mint Velvet
Blue tapestry crewneck coat, Vanessa Bruno Athé at MyWardrobe
Pink double-breasted coat, See by Chloé at Farfetch
Blue ruffle coat with frilled hem on the back, Red Valentino at Selfridges

There is plenty to choose from, as you can see from the above selection, from neutral macs to statement colour 1960s swings, and prices range from just £20 to a mortgage deposit... My view? If you can splurge it's best to make an investment buy, like the Red Valentino ruffled hem coat I picked, but best do it in a colour you will not tire of in three months, and leave the fun colours to more affordable versions. I'm still looking for a fab high street version in orange or green, if you see one please let me know...

In the meanwhile, don't forget your brolly!

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