Hermès invites you... to Leather Forever

This evening I was invited by Hermès to attend a cocktail around their exhibit, Leather Forever. For once, I'm totally lost for words so I'm going to let the pictures speak... I'll gather some thoughts for tomorrow and post more, but for now, here are my photos... Enjoy!

Have a good night... zzz


Mona P said...

Wonderful pictures, love that yellow Lindy! Haven't been to the exhibition yet, but hoping to make it before it ends!

As for bright colors, I recently got myself a couple of accessories from Evelyne line in menthe. If you love bright colors, it is a must to get something in that color! It is very unique!

And thank you for answering my questions in the last post! Very helpful and much appreciated!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Was that THE Kelly bag in the display with you smiling behind it? Of course I mean the one carried by Princess Grace!
JaneS xx

LittleS said...

@MonaP, the exhibition made me lust for quite a few new H goodies, the colours were so vibrant it was impossible not to love everything!

@JaneS, I don't think it was. I believe the one that Princess Grace used was a 32cm, this was was at least at 35cm. I did see Princess Grace's Kelly at the V&A exhibit a couple of year's ago, though, and it was just as gorgeous!

frifri63 said...

Sooo jealous! I would love to see an exhibit in france. Do you think it'll be in Paris?
Thansk for the pics, and for sharing. You looked so pretty and seemed to be having loads of fun!
Bonne semaine et bravo pour les premiers pas de Mr Bébé:)

LittleS said...

@FriFri, thank you!!! I think the exhibit is a rolling one, so might come to Paris soon I hope... xx