It's taken a while, but I finally believe in miracles....

Way before ageing became a reality for me, I used to think that the biggest issue revolves around wrinkles. Well, now that I've reached the ripe age of 32 and that I have both a little tiger at home and a stupidly stressful job in the office, I have to say that's not even part of the problem... Maybe I've been lucky so far, or maybe I've just been moisturizing like a dry-skinned lizard for the past twenty years, but I've managed to go without any big ugly wrinkles so far. And, even if they came, well we all know that a few injections are probably more effective than gallons of the most expensive gold-speckled diamond-powdered creams, right?

No, for me, the big ugly thing about time is all about colour: I just need to look at Monsieur Baby's rosy cheeks and my own to see the difference three decades and a stressful life make. I also have a few sun spots (others call them freckles, but really they are just a sign that I didn't apply sunscreen well enough during my holiday in The Galapagos during my pregnancy), which are frankly annoying...

Thankfully, I think I may have found a solution... A retinoid-based range launched by Philosophy, Miracle Worker has had amazing results in tests, with 90% of testers confirming improved skin radiance, and between 70% and 80% improved skin tone and evenness, after just four weeks. Promising, no? Seeing that I'm super keen to go back to a rosier complexion and lose the dark spots, I decided to invest, and investigate!

First, up, every evening, after my usual cleanse, I smooth over my skin with one of the Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Pads. What I loved about this product is that the pads come dry with a little bottle of solution to be poured entirely in the pads tub before first use, which means the retinoid solution is as fresh as it could be. It's important to keep the tub perfectly closed between uses, to keep the formula as strong as possible. The pads leave a light sheen on my skin, which gets absorbed within moments. I've been using the pads religiously every evening for a week and already my pores look smaller and my skin looks glowy every morning, even though the effect doesn't seem to last much past the first couple of aggravating conference calls..! But I'm told meaningful results appear after four weeks, so there is time.

Second product I've adopted from this miraculous range is the Philosophy Miracle Worker Concentrate, a serum which I apply every morning before my usual moisturizer and sunscreen. At first I was a bit squeamish: it is after all an orangey gel which looked a bit suspicious... But, unlike other serums and prep products I've tried in the past, this one doesn't feel greasy and doesn't sit like a film over my face. Quite impressive in fact... It sinks right in in second, leaving my skin feeling plump and ready for anything the day might bring (I wish I felt the same!!!) After just one week, I don't know if I'm imagining but the bigger sun spot on my right cheek is looking a smidgen lighter, so I am keen to carry on. Who knows, it might seriously fade by the summer and I may not need laser after all? Now that would be good news!

Of course this is just the first week, but who knows, I may just have started to believe in miracles... Have a good week-end all and watch out for the new giveaway that's coming out very soon!

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