Monsieur Baby takes his first steps

After having spent 15 months wishing for Monsieur Baby to become more mobile (in terms of walking, he was one of the late ones amongst his little friends, I was starting to get a bit worried that my lazy genes had got to him), I am now eating my words: my little munchkin started taking his first steps and of course, in his usual fashion, he has taken to it with such gusto that he is now trotting everywhere and leaving a much wider trail of destruction than when he was on his fours. Oh dear...

Still, I'm in no rush to get Monsieur Baby in hard-soled boots yet, his foot is still developing and he needs shoes which are soft and supple and non-restrictive, however with some good support to avoid falls. Also he seems to have inherited my high-arched feet, which means that most brands don't fit him.

Thankfully, Tip Toey Joey seems to have designed a range especially with my toddler in mind, with shoes specifically designed with a rubber sole which is both grippy (I know, that's not a real word) and flexible. The best thing about these is the stretching heel which makes them super easy to put on (even when the little monster is wiggling like an eel) but hard for him to pull off. They are very light as well which is perfect for those hesitant first steps... Most styles have little velcro straps or fake elastic laces, which means style isn't compromised, and the little girls' collection is absolutely gorgeous!

Although this is a Brazilian brand, you can order them online from:
- AlexandAlexa
- Smallable


Mona P said...

My daughter was exactly the same in terms of walking! And she has high in-step, so finding a comfy pair of shoes is always a struggle.

Bottom line, once they start walking, they are literally unstoppable!

LittleS said...

Exactly! Little tiger has inherited my high arch and high in-step, it's a nightmare fitting his little feet in anything but the Tip Toey Joey shoes. It's a good thing they have such a wide collection, I'd be bored of always putting him in the same shoes!

frifri63 said...

Many toddlers have a hi instep so it's so hard to get shoes on them.
My children both wore Tip Toey Joey shoes, they are the best IMO.
I always say, like Mona P, once they start walking, they're unstoppable too:)

Anonymous said...

Those gold Mary Janes are adorable!

LittleS said...

@frifri, glad to see I'm not the only fan of their range!
@JaneS, I know... so cute...