My kind of DIY: woven chain jewellery, 100% made by moi!

A few days ago I discovered a pretty amazing website, called Honestly... WTF, filled with incredible tips on how to make your own on-trend jewellery, clothes, and much more. At first I thought, "hmm... they make it sound simpler than it sounds, surely this is yet another DIY project that's going to make me lose it and throw embroidery thread all over my lounge!". Well, ladies, look at this: I managed to create my own woven chain jewellery, all by myself!

All I needed was some cotton embroidery thread (you can order a multi-colour box on Amazon), a few chains (you can buy bulk on Etsy or just buy a few from the sales racks at Topshop or Accessorize, it will be cheaper), some ribbon for the necklace, and, for the embellished bracelet, a few beads, and bits and bobs from old broken bracelets and earrings.

Following these super easy instructions, I made a necklace and three bracelets... and guess what, I've decided to prepare a couple more for my friends and, who knows, a giveaway?

Considering I was thinking about buying Aurelie Bidermann's extravagant version, I'm mighty glad I managed to make my own boho jewellery. Cost of a bracelet made by me, less than £20... cost if I'd ordered it online, over £200. Fashionomics in action!


Mona P said...

They all look AMAZING, especially the gorgeous green bracelet! Love it!

I am in Madrid now, hence unable to post often.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!

LittleS said...

Have a wonderful time in Madrid, don't forget to shop for espadrilles off Plaza Mayor and keep a few minutes for some shopping at Carolina Herrera and Zara at the airport! xxx

makeupandpearls said...

Wow, they are gorgeous!

Lenka said...


great necklace. If you are up to more DIY projects, I highly recommend this blog - http://www.ispydiy.com/. The lady makes amazing accessories !!!

Have a nice day,


LittleS said...

Thanks Lenka! Did your tee-shirt arrive?