Something to look forward to fall for: Beulah's AW2012 collection

Nothing pleases me more than finding off-the-track fabulous fashion gems, unfortunately it seems that fashion houses sprout every week and not everything that shines is gold... 

When it comes to Beulah, however, the UK fashion scene has found something very special, one of those rare jewels that are so hard to find. You know how people say that sometimes beauty is just skin deep? Not Beulah: here the pieces are filled with style, elegance and sheer beauty, and yet the concept of the brand's partnership with a women's charity in India is a constant reminder that luxury and justice can go hand in hand. 

The brainchild of two friends, Natasha Rufus-Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan, Beulah started small, in a little studio off New King's Road, a sign for me that this is the real thing, not some celebrity line funded by some massive retailer group or, worse, the hobby of a bored trophy wife. And yet, these two girls have such a flair for fabulous fabrics and simple yet incredibly flattering lines that, after just three acclaimed collections, they are launching in Harvey Nichols for their AW2012 collection (if that's not a major accolade, this fashionista hangs her Choos..)

Now you know me, I'm not going to sit tight until the new collection sells out to well-heeled Knightsbridgers, as the proud owner of a midnight blue Sarai dress from their AW2011 collection (which has got me numerous compliments!), I have already told Lavinia about my interest in ordering one of their gorgeous looks from the new collection, who knows, the weather may stay so drab this year I might be able to wear it this summer!!!

Oh, that's another amazing thing about Beulah: at a time when boutiques and department stores are forgetting about the importance of service faster than you can say "May I have it gift-wrapped?", these ladies will put you on mailing lists for private sales (the kind with champagne and nibbles, not with harpies fighting over overflowing racks) and will even personally deliver your recently altered dress to your home on their way home, asking how your toddler is doing etc. Grace, fashion, and style combined with a conscience, magical don't you think? (Oh, and did I mention how gorgeous they are... I'd be jealous, if they weren't so nice)

Beulah London
0 203 010 1031


Oh Sunnie Day said...

Gorgeous! I love that first look



LittleS said...

Mee too... it's on my order list!